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The Black Vegetarian Society of Texas (BVSTX)


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BVSTX Mission Statement:
To educate the public, particularly the African-American community, on the benefits of a plant-based diet, to promote wellness and to influence the community to pursue a vegetarian lifestyle.


BVSTX , P O Box 116950, Carrollton, TX 75011-6950  You may also follow the Black Vegetarian Society of Texas on Facebook. P.S. Check out this excellent video from last month's Texas State Veggie Fair at White Rock Lake.Click on the site below:


Dallas Vegan has their monthly meeting, Vegan Drinks, the 2nd Thursday of every month. It's a great networking opportunity to meet new people in the veg*n community and to share about what you have going on in your organization. The idea is that representatives from many of the different veg groups in the area will be there to talk about what they have going on that month.

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The Black Vegetarian Society of Texas (BVSTX) will eventually replace our current email system by migrating to yahoogroups. BVSTX requests that you will go to In the search box go to Black Vegetarian Society of Texas. Then, click on "Join This Group." We ask that you take these steps to continue on our mailing list.
Additionally, events updates will appear on our website:
Further, you may find out about BVSTX's events on Facebook by searching for us at Black Vegetarian Society of Texas.
Please also see attached the Black Vegetarian Society of Texas 2015 Calendar


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